Detention Documentaries

Here in the jail house now. Documentaries about detention are largely about prisons in the United States and about our prison system

Detention something we know about in school. Indeed juvenile detention is the system that doesn’t include school. Kids behind bars because of Ice detention as part of our news. Jails and detention are thought of in our war on crime and war on drugs. United States has the highest prison population in the world, possibly in history. It’s business according to those who think we maybe are locking up too many people.

Our documentary search includes China’s prison camps, Guantánamo and crowded jail cells. It is a look at our system and, we hope, a look at better understanding of our problems and solutions.

Religion Documentaries

Religion is a set of behaviors and practices that portray belief in the supernatural or spiritual. Religions practice rituals, sermons, and are present at funerals, weddings, prayers, and music and art and culture.
It is been said that there are thousands religions in the world. There are five basic large religions. Christianity Hinduism Buddhism Islam and folk religions of Celtic, native or other origin.

Because of religion, sacred text such as the Bible or the Koran exist today. Religions seem to have evolved from earlier religion and are often associated with charismatic individuals who have followers profits and the wisdom behind, often verbally. Christianity is the largest religion in the world 2.2 billion worshipers. Judaism is the oldest religion that is based upon Abraham, parts of Judaism are included in Christianity and Islam. Christians believe in the Trinity which teaches the unity of father and son and Holy Spirit into one God. Islam is based on the Huron and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed. Buddhism was founded by Siddhartha. And it’s about the coming of awakening through suffering.

Urban Studies Documentaries

Urban studies is about the development of cities, history and architecture and art and the impact of human in an urban environment to include how international cities fit the urban mold in the modern world. Urban studies is about history and how the city is designed and organized.

In the United States the racial segregation of residents has meant that this field has grown in prominence, interest and importance. Urban studies deals with sociology and, in America, with the efforts of the African-Americans to assimilate into the United States culture after slavery and in the present.