Charlottesville Protest Editorial by Matt Masters

charlottesville protest editorial
Photo by Matt Masters

Charlottesville protest editorial by Matt Masters at reflects how the discourse in America has presented a challenge to the discourse itself. The words insight to riot appear in discussions of our leaders and within our talk on social media. It seems that the Gore Bush debates escalated and have continued to divide, this discussion in this country has gone on since 1776.
The discussion must continue, free speech is at the center of our ways of governing ourselves. Our discourse is always been heated, has sometimes met in the street, and all too slowly, has led to change.
It is that driving into a crowd that elevates this incident, because it is that driving into a crowd, that we have called a terrorist act in the past.
It is a terrorist act, that is no revelation but an admission, and a good one. It is a lesson to us that others are listening when we speak, when our leaders speak. We can only hope that we are not led by being divided but, as the boss once said,” Hope is not a plan”