Hair Brushes in Murfreesboro | When to Use a Boar Brush

Switch to a boar brush made in Germany

It’s often hard to find the right hairbrush and even harder to know what to buy and when to use one. Many of you may have heard of using a boar brush, or you might even have one. But the real question is, do you know why boar bristles are great for your hair? And more important why does the right type of boar bristle make a big difference?

Boar brushes are designed to help smooth down the cuticle of your scalp. This is vital because when the cuticle is lifted, it can create tangles in your hair, especially if you have thin hair, and tangles can contribute to hair breakage. And along with this, when the cuticle is extended, your hair has less shine. You can think of the cuticle hair as a piece of onion paper on a flat surface or table, if the onion paper is not flat on the surface, the color of the table is a bit dull or not as bright as it could be. Now, if you put the piece of onion paper flat and smooth it out on the table, the color of the table is transparent and very sharp.

Please note that not all boar bristle brushes are created equal. You want to make sure you know what to look for when choosing the right boar brush as boar blends does not yield the same results.

So to make things a bit easier be sure to watch our videos below on when you should use boar bristle brushes.