Moxie, Art Supplies and the Art Vibe In Murfreesboro

Moxie, Art Supplies and the Art Vibe In Murfreesboro

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Can you feel it?

Moxie Art Murfreesboro Tn
Moxie Art Murfreesboro Tn

When it comes to buying art supplies in Murfreesboro there are the various big retailers and Moxie off the square on Maple. The Artwalk this year was the first one in Murfreesboro. It was a success and the action was at Moxie. The art students like it and the classes Moxie provides the community benefit all.

Glenn Merchant, the owner, is one hub of activity in the art community in Murfreesboro. He is a nationally and locally recognized fine artist with many shows including a recent show at the Center for the Arts in Murfreesboro. Because Glenn is a trained and working artist, and because Moxie is so close to MTSU, the selection of supplies at Moxie is more varied than the chains and the prices are good.
By visiting Moxie I’ve seen great shows by art students at MTSU, met other artists, seen their work, discussed art and even bought art supplies.

When you get your tags, look across the street, see Moab and think, “I could be riding a bike instead of this car.”
Then see Moxie and think, “I should take up art and paint this angst.”

You’d be right in both cases. Moab has great bikes and Moxie is near the center of art in this little Boro of Murfrees. All the Murfrees are thinking Moxie.

When you are ready to get that bike and paint that angst you are going to need a lamp. I hear that lamp store beside Moxie has the best lamps in town. There is something about that strip across from where you get your tags and there is a good new vibe to art in the greatest small town in America. That vibe starts at the Center for the Arts, at MTSU, and at Moxie.

moxie shelves-02Moxie shelves-01From Inside Moxies in Murfreesboro

Car tags murfreesboro Tn
Moxie is across the street from where you get your tags

Dave Jackson