First Painting by David Michael Jackson Ever Shown in Public

First Painting by David Michael Jackson Ever Shown in Public.

“I have been on the net for so long. I once entered a contest in Murfreesboro. When I called and found out I didn’t win, I never picked up the art. I figured it wasn’t worth picking up. I still painted for the next twenty years but never showed. The internet became my show”…..david michael jackson

David is the publisher of

David’s art will be part of the Art Walk on the 26th this year. I hope you, it’ll be a good time art cross are always fun and they have a lot of hard member but he loves them and they go to them and everybody loves the good weather, who doesn’t love good weather, especially when art is involved. In our crawl is always a good idea in the springtime it’s a good place to take the family. Taking a stroll on the Greenway or other places where people are showing there are you’ll always find happy and smiling faces to greet you as you walk by and the art is usually good. To say that local art is not as good as New York art means that you haven’t seen New York art.

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