Parelli in Murfreesboro Future of Horsemanship Miller Coliseum

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Parelli Murfreesboro

Parelli in Murfreesboro, the Future of HorseManShip . Yes!  Sounds like the horse whisperers are coming in November. I like the idea of bonding with the horse as a part of the training. The days of domination are over. Hey  like them on Facebook if you love horses. Taking the horsemanship to a new level is what it’s about.

Nov. 22-23, 2014
Tennessee Miller Coliseum
304 W Thompson Ln
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129
(615) 494-8879

Here is the famous Parelli video of Pat Parelli and Sparky. This tells it all.

We might as well hear it from them about the trip to the Boro:

You can buy tickets directly from Pirelli or call the Coliseum