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If it’s art for sale, then there is a new cowboy in town in the world of art websites, Sale for Art. ┬áLike Saatchi, no, like these others. Buying art on the net is daunting enough. You need sites that you can trust. Sites that have been around awhile. We’ve found the websites that deal in art and can be trusted for an opinion, a good read, and interesting art for sale……

    …..Personal website turned national and international in scope…..Located in Murfreesboro, Tn.

    Art is a vision, a voice, a silent and profound look at the metaphysical and transcendental world through sensitive eyes. It is a translucent look at an opaque world. It does not find meaning so much as search and observe and state the reality that’s not real but in the mind. A sense of self rudely struck by the media, be it canvas or stone or a word or a single note.
    An artist cannot transmit meaning but can only hope that the observer finds truth, an individual truth, an illusive truth that lies in the mind of the viewer and not the artist.
    Buying art should mean the love of the piece, not of the name. These days the name is supreme in art. One does not have to see a Cezanne to know its value. So is it the art?
    Is a Bansky with another name the same? No. Then it’s the knowledge of the name that is important. To circulate the name is to circulate the art. Others must say it’s good. The press must transmit the name. That is enough. The art can be a big stainless balloon dog with the right name.
    Once a shovel or urinal has been declared art, it is no longer a shovel or a urinal. Beauty and sentiment have little place in the museum.