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Documentaries About The Media Watch The Media Documentary

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Early media was, I suppose, around the campfire with stories and gestures about the day's hunt for food or the dangers of the world. It wasn't until we invented language that media could be transmitted secondhand I can tell you a story then you tell someone else. Plays and speeches formed our first media. Invention of the written language is, in many ways, the invention of media, or modern media anyway. Certainly by the time of Shakespeare, the written word and the public presentation had merged in the same way it does today. With the invention of the printing press the dissemination of knowledge and information could cross the boundaries of countries and continents. The newspaper is possibly our first form of mass media which could be distributed to thousands of people. The invention of the telegraph help the newspaper to become momentary and to represent things that happened today. Before the newspaper it may have taken weeks for information or the news to get everybody. Magazines, periodical publication containing articles financed by advertising followed newspapers because they could be delivered through the mail. The magazine media is weaker today used to be because our media is transmitted digitally. Certainly the radio and the TV changed media to something that is immediate for many thousands of people. Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt could have a fireside chat with America. The laying of the transcontinental cables meant that communication became worldwide. The invention, or rather the occurrence, of the Internet has caused a revolution in the media once again. That which was scheduled is now immediate and our world happens in the moment in front of our eyes. Communication with our neighbors, and those in other parts of the world is also immediate and media in our modern times involves social media. Not only do events happen and are reported immediately but I reaction and communication about those events happens in real time. Our post is about documentaries and we present a video search of documentaries about the media, its history and effect on our lives. We hope you enjoy the journey.

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