Weight Loss in Murfreesboro

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Weight Loss in Murfreesboro

Achieve Medical Weight Loss

This is a blog. I don’t run ads. I just think weight loss should be a hot a topic. These folks are some of the first to Like our Facebook page. They  are doing good work for the community and good work is our shout out.
My advice is relevant here:
1. Weigh every morning when you rise. Do it every day and you can see the effect of yesterday’s food. In the morning you weigh in at the lowest weight of the day.
2. Do number 1.
3.  These folks can help.
I lost 60 pounds and it is possible. It’s a campaign that’s more important than the elections. Our most prevalent diseases can be reversed by diet and weight loss. We view the “medicine of the rain forest” as something to save. I started thinking that, maybe, the “medicine” is in ALL of the plants.
My doctor said the most important words to me. She looked me in the eye and said, “David you have a choice. You can lose weight or be a diabetic.” She gave me a choice, not a drug! I chose to weigh myself every morning.  The very act made me accountable. We don’t like that word too much. Our bosses pushed it at us too much and we don’t like that word.

We sometimes need other people’s help for accountability..

“These are the hands that put food in my mouth. These hands I control completely.”
It’s a true statement but sometimes we still need  a choice, accountability and help. I lost my weight too fast. I needed help to do it safely. There were issues related to my nutrition that caused problems I could have avoided with help.

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