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Aluminum Ramps in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, wheelchair safety ramps are affordable.. Safe transitions in the home or between the home and the car are a concern for the elderly and the handicapped and the caregiver. Often a homeowner will build a temporary ramp of wood which may have to be removed later. A better choice is an aluminum ramp which has been developed to be easy to install and safe to use.  A successful ramp needs to have simple installation, two-way traction, be ice and snow friendly, with no maintenance. It needs to have slip resistant raised tread, solid decking and have a modular design with the 1000 weight capacity.
Ramps are available in many lengths with handrails. There are also other types of ramps, threshold ramps and portable ramps. Threshold ramps are used at doorways and entrances to vans. Often commercial ramps are ADA compliant systems with 42 inch picket guardrails, grab rails and child rail.
Access is what matters most.
The selection of an aluminum ramp is clearly a better choice for the homeowner because of ease of installation and portability and safety, which is important with wheelchairs.
Many factors go into a good design for a ramp. The ramp design should provide a slope that is safe for the wheelchair. The two main factors in this are the rise, which is the height of the ramp and the slope, or angle, of the ramp. We found a website with an incline calculator which can give an starting point in estimating length and cost.
Here is a good page containing resources about ramp design

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Wheelchair Ramps Murfreesboro | Aluminum Safety Ramps

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